By Sophie Norris

This is the moment a driver was so desperate for his next cigarette that he appeared to roll up a cigarette using BOTH hands – while driving at 60mph down the motorway.

A lift engineer, who asked to remain anonymous, caught the footage while driving home with a colleague on the M20 southbound near Maidstone last week.

The footage shows the smoker taking so much ‘time and effort’ to roll the cigarette that he fails to notice the passing car’s passenger pointing the camera at him.

The engineer – an experienced driver who travels all over the UK – claims what made it worse was the driver had a passenger who could have rolled up the cigarette for him.

The dad-of-two, from Kent, said: “We see quite a lot of appalling driving while on the road, but my colleague and I were gobsmacked.

“This guy literally had no hands on the wheel with a roll-up in both hands.

“He was driving like this for at least a couple of minutes.

“First, I saw him getting the packet out then he started rolling.

“What was worse was that he had a passenger sat right next to him. Why wouldn’t he get them to roll it for him?

“It could have been even longer than two minutes because we got stuck behind another vehicle and when we drove past him again, he was still rolling.

“He had both hands off the wheel and I don’t even think if he was using his knees to steer.

“Other people in cars around his man were staring and pointing at him yet he was completely oblivious.

“I was filming and he didn’t even notice.”

The father-of-two claims his line of work means he travels the length and breadth of the country and routinely sees drivers putting the safety of themselves and others at risk.

He said: “It’s become a bit of a game for me and my colleague – who can spot the most ridiculous driving.

“I have two children and that is one of the reasons it annoys me no end when people drive like idiots.

“For work, I drive around the whole of the UK and we see a lot of horrendous accidents. We have to be quite vigilant because of this.

“We see people on Facebook or texting. We have even seen it before where solicitors or lawyers have their papers in front of them as they’re driving down the motorway.

“We have seen one lady with her phone lodged between her eats and shoulder with a burger in one hand and her drink in the other – at 80 mph.

“This kind of thing needs to be drummed into people from a young age.

“The new rules have come in about phone use, but no-one is taking them seriously.”