Animals Video

By Neo Bye

 This adorable footage shows the moment a golden retriever received a new friend for Christmas.

 Pooch Minnie, one, was given Parker, eight weeks, from her humans as an early Christmas gift on December 19.

 Minnie gets very anxious and frightened easily, so her owner, Nicolette Hall, 23, thought a fellow pup would be just the confidence boost she needed.

 Nicolette said: “She has really bad fears and anxiety so we figured getting a new friend will help her come out of her shell.”

 The dog groomer, from Texas, was over the moon to see her two dogs getting on perfectly from the minute they met.

 She added: “It was kinda like love at first sight –  Minnie has always loved other dogs and having friends now she has someone to grow up with and to help her be brave!”