Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

 A Japanese couple couldn’t have a baby decided to get an otter instead.

 Manami Nakagawa, 43, was given the otter, named Gonta, by her husband after finding out she couldn’t get pregnant.

 The pair treat their furry little friend as a member of the family – as these hilarious clips show.

Manami said: “My husband and I treat him as our son, not just a pet – we are always together and we are sharing everything with him.

 “Usually he swims in the tub 2-3 times a day and sleeps about 15 hours a day.

 “We want to make him swim in the river so we bought a mountain house to spend every weekend.”

Gonta even has his own Instagram page that boasts almost 70k followers. 

 Manami added: “His followers say that he always make them laugh or smile and he’s made friends all over the world.”