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By Neo Bye 

 An American family’s surrogate daughter surprised them for Christmas after not seeing them for five years.

 Laeticia Etetebe, 27, from Lyon, France, stayed with the Einstman family in New York for six months when she was an exchange student aged just 16.

 Due to her busy career, Laeticia hasn’t been able to visit Nicholas, 21, and his parents Bob and Pam for a while.

 Nicholas said: “Laeticia spent around 6 months with us, from January – July, and in those six months she became just another member of the family.

Pic by Caters New

 “After her exchange she went back home and went to college to get her degree in marketing.

“Since then she’s been back to the states multiple times visiting us twice I believe (when she has the time) and we’ve had the opportunity to visit with her and her family in France as well.”

Nicholas’ parents, Bob and Pam, didn’t know Laeticia was coming to visit and, as is visible by their reaction in the video, were over the moon to see her again.

 He added: “Around three months ago she told me she was getting tickets to New York for around the holidays and we thought it would be an awesome way to surprise our parents this Christmas because, like I said, she’s family.”