Life Video

By Kirstie Sutheran


 This young animal lover accepted nothing less than getting permission from his mum to care for a ‘cold’ bird.

 Jensen Pallant, three, from Chelmsford, Essex, spotted the bird on the way home after shopping with family. 

 When he noticed the bird looked a little worse for wear he managed to convince his mum, Paula, 26, to help the poor pigeon get back on its feet.

 They compromised on making a warm box for it to live outside, fit with leaves, a blanket and grass to keep the bird warm.

 And just just 15 minutes after entering, the bird swifly recovered and surprised Jenson by flying out of its box, seemingly all better.

 Paula said: “He claimed this one was cold so he reached for his little brothers blanket and picked it up.

 “He kept asking if we could keep it as a pet.

 “I had to tell him no, we could not keep the pigeon with already having a pet tortoise and a kitten at home. 

“He started getting upset and quivering his lip, asking if we could take it indoors because he can’t fly, after a good 10 minutes of explaining why we then agreed to make him a warm bed in a box outside. 

“Jenson was happy with this idea.”

 This isn’t the first time Jenson has taking it upon himself to care for animals he has found not to be 100 per cent healthy.

A couple of months ago, while on holiday, Jenson brought in an injured pigeon and wanted to look after it.

 After a short conversation, he was told he couldn’t take the bird home because it would need its mum to look after it.

 Jenson has always been a huge animal lover, with a pet kitten and tortoise at home.

 Paula said: “Jenson has been a lover of animals since a young age. 

“He’s fascinated by birds.

“We have only recently been able to let our kitten out and Jenson has a huge anxiety about her being outside.”