Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto

 A stunning timelapse shows an erupting Mount Etna filling the sky with ash and smoke.

 The time-lapse sequence shot today (December 24) by Fabio Busetta, from Paternò, shows a gigantic column of smoke erupting from the volcano’s peak and spinning fast as it reaches the sky.

 The wind left the western and higher side of the mountain clear from smoke, even leaving the wintery mantle of snow on its gentle slopes.

 Eruptions like this one cause great excitement among locals, who know the volcano is giving them an amazing spectacle without much danger.

He said: “This year there hadn’t been any big volcanic events, but today was different.

“The fracture in the vicinities of the central crater was preceded by a light earthquake, which I felt while I was sitting at my desk.”

Fabio said he always films Etna when it becomes active, and today was a particularly spectacular eruption with lots of smoke and even a light earthquake.

 Fabio said: “These eruptions virtually never cause any dangers to residents.

 “Etna is what we call a tranquil volcano, because its eruptions are effusive and not explosive.

 “Basically, with the smoke it warns you, and you have time to put some distance between yourself and the mountain in case any lava flow reaches the houses.”