Life Video

By Neo Bye 

This emotional footage shows the moment a mother and daughter finally got a new, furnished home after spending seven months in homeless shelters. 

Filmed last month, the video shows Ann Martin, 62, who became homeless after being unable to maintain her increased rent. 

She moved in with her eldest daughter, but she was in subsidised housing so couldn’t continue to house Ann and daughter Nina, 11. 

Now, after seven months of homeless shelter hopping, Ann and Nina were finally granted a home in Detroit for herself and her daughter to live in permanently. 

US based charity Humble Designs, which works to help families and veterans stable themselves after emerging from homelessness, furnished the house to finally give the mum and daughter the happily ever after they had been searching for. 

The video shows how excited they both are to have a house they can call a home, with Nina ecstatic to see her new bedroom.

Ann said: “Every day when we walk in the door, it feels so cosy, so warm, so beautiful – we are so, so blessed to have this wonderful gift to us.

“Every day when Nina comes in after school, she goes right to her desk and does her homework because she loves being in her new room so much.

“We can not ever express how grateful we are, and how much this has changed everything for us.”

Humble Designs runs entirely off of donations, and has so far furnished 1,200 homes across America. 

A spokeswoman said: “Humble Design serves families and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming their empty house or apartment into a home—a simple idea that can change a family’s future.

“Newly furnished homes become the launching point for new careers, the catalyst for improved family dynamics, and the motivation to pay it forward.”

Treger Strasberg  from Humble Designs added: “Humble Design warehouses are curated and stocked with donated and recycled furniture, beds, and home goods from the local community.

“The furnishings provided by us help clients with a fresh start—creating ownership, dignity, and stability.”