Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

 A man successfully freed a raccoon with its leg trapped after emergency animals services failed to arrive.

 The family who saved the racoon were told it would cost $200 USD for someone to come out and help the raccoon, so they did it themselves.

 Noor Fadel filmed her dad, Mohammed, attempting to help.

 She said: “A raccoon got stuck overnight on the roof of our shed – we called four different animal shelters and rescues.

“One claimed they couldn’t help due to not being funded by the government.

“The other number was out of service and one was trying to charge my family more than $200.”

During the time of the rescue, a wind storm was taking place causing the ladders to almost blow off the roof. 

Mr Fadel, from Canada, used a large plank of wood and wedged it into the wider part of the boards in hopes of spacing out the tight boards around the little raccoons leg

Luckily, with the help of Mr Fadel and their neighbour, the female raccoon was freed and seemed fine despite a slight limp.