Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A night time-lapse has captured a couple sharing a bed with their pet pug, and the snoring trio looks unexpectedly cosy. 

According to Karl Litte, from Carlisle, sleeping with their pug Pablo helps him and his wife Chelsey fall asleep quicker, as the little dog makes ‘comforting and soothing’ noises throughout the night.

In the video filmed on November 29, at about 3.15 AM Pablo can be seen becoming awake and eerily wandering on the sheets, however, he’s quick to snuggle between his two owners and slide into his pug-dreams.

Karl said: “Pablo only started sleeping in the bed with us six months ago and it was by accident as we left the stair-gate open, but he’s slept with us ever since.

“People are always surprised when I say this, but I prefer him sleeping in the bed. 

“I and Chelsey are both quite heavy sleepers, and the noises Pablo makes are actually really comforting and soothing and help us drift off to sleep.

“He is also really toasty so great for winter nights to warm you up.”

As showed in the footage, Pablo spends his nights sandwiched between Karl and Chelsey, and even though at times he stretches out and changes position, he seems to be the quietest one out of the three.

At 7 AM, as the alarm goes off Pablo open his eyes and does not look happy about having to crack on with the busy day ahead.

Amongst other routine tasks like chasing tennis balls, napping and eating, Pablo has a number of loyal followers on social media he needs to be accountable to.

In fact, his YouTube channel has recently reached more than 30.000 followers.

Karl said: “When we got Pablo, creating a YouTube channel was the best way to combine my passion for filming with my love for dogs. 

“We initially just wanted our own personal archive of Pablo’s life that we could always revisit and watch back whenever we wanted, but I was using it as a project for myself to learn about filming and editing.

“We were just experimenting with different types of videos, just seeing what worked, what didn’t, just messing around really, and the subscribers just kept increasing, people were loving Pablo and our videos and I never thought our content would be seen by this many people and I couldn’t be happier!”