Animals Video

By Neo Bye

 A free-diving instructor caught a group of sharks in the midst of a feeding frenzy – chowing down on a whale carcass.

 The tiger sharks were spotted ripping into their prey in deep waters off the coast of the Maldives by Ibrahim Haleem, 24.

Pic by Ibrahim Haleem/Caters News

 Ibrahim, who filmed the action, said what he witnessed was similar to scenes from BBC nature documentary Blue Planet 2.

 He said: “I’ve only ever seen three dead whales in my lifetime – I haven’t met anyone who has seen one before. 

“I got lucky and seeing the whale and sharks has been a big dream of mine since I watched the BBC’s Blue Planet 2.

“We rarely see whales in the Maldives – it’s even more rare seeing tiger sharks.”

Pic by Ibrahim Haleem/Caters News

Ibrahim, who is also a butler and underwater videography instructor, had a boat full of people with him at the time of the sighting.

 He added: “My colleague woke me up when I was napping to tell me, I didn’t believe him until I got distinctive pungent odour of whale blubber.

“I didn’t wait a second and went to prepare my camera and dive gear – I couldn’t miss filming something like this!”