Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

A thoughtful flight attendant signed the safety instructions to passengers ahead of take-off.

Mel Hignell was on an Alaska Air flight from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California, when she spotted the surprising routine.

While wearing an oxygen mask, the flight attendant manages to sign where it will fall from the ceiling above the passengers.

Continuing, he picks up the seatbelt and shows how to fasten and unfasten it, making sure to sign the instructions again. 

Mel, from Portland, said: “It was pretty awesome.

“I’ve been flying for years and never seen a flight attendant do anything like this before.

“He signed the entirety of the safety instructions.

“If I had realised he was going to do something so cool, I’d have filmed the whole thing.

“I couldn’t see who he was signing for, but I’m sure they appreciated it.

“I hope he gets the recognition he deserves.”

Mel filmed it on February 13 but has only just uploaded the video to social media in hopes of finding the flight attendant.