By Curtis Mitchell

An impressive optical illusion was created when a photographer captured this duck at exactly the right moment – making it look like it has TWO HEADS.

Photographer Souvik Basu, 30, was visiting the Gajoldoba Wetland in Bengal, India, during migratory season, hoping to capture the birds.

Pic by Souvik Basu/Caters News –

But Souvik, from Cooch Behar, West Bengal, had always wanted to shoot an optical illusion and eventually succeeded earlier this month.

He said: “I loved photography ever since I was a child but in that time there was no opportunity to improve myself, so I hid my passion for the circumstances but never stopped clicking.

“I also love wildlife so  I am always thinking how to capture the moment when I see them

“In November 2015 I was ready to buy a photographic gadget and start wildlife photography.

Pic by/Caters News

“I have always wanted to shoot an illusion over wildlife, it really means a lot for me.

“This is a quite interesting shot because it seems like a double-headed illusion.

“I have always wanted a wildlife illusion shot  and now my dream has come true.”