Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A bungling thief caught his pants was left hanging on spiked railings TWICE during a hilarious raid.

After climbing over the fence at the back of the Spar Craeghs shop in Kaulille, Belgium, at 3am on Sunday December 16 the potential pilsner pilferer climbed up bread shelves to try and escape.

Carrying a crate of 24 cans of the energy drink Monster over the fence, he quickly loses balance and gets his pants caught on the spiked railings.

Having hung there for a few hours, he is set free by an unwitting passing car before making off on his bike.

Despite the initial close call, the thief returns at 5am to try, this time with his eyes on a case of Duvel, only to get caught on a different part of the fence.

Owner Jos Craeghs said: “He hung upside down for about an hour. 

“It was snowing, so he must have been seriously hypothermic. 

“Eventually he lowered his pants in the hope of being able to escape, but he did not succeed. 

“Passers-by eventually informed the police.”

Jos was called by the police at 9am about the incident before looking over the CCTV footage with them.

The 30-year-old thief, whose cannot be named for legal reasons, was already known to the police because of his previous criminal record. 

The stolen beers and energy drinks were found at his house and returned to the supermarket.