By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A reptile-mad couple have taken their love of serpents to the next level by decorating their Christmas tree with SNAKE SKINS instead of tinsel.

With Christmas just around the corner, Lauren Rose, 27, and her snake-catcher partner Stewart Lalor, 28, wanted to do something ‘a little bit different’ to celebrate the holiday and showcase their passion for snakes.

PIC FROM Brisbane Snake Catchers/Caters News

The teenage sweethearts from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, have 36 pet snakes in their home – with 20 pythons in one room and 16 of some the world’s deadliest snakes in the other, including king browns, taipans, tiger snakes and death adders.

And with that many snakes, the pair have managed to collect loads of snake skins from their shedding throughout the year – which have now been perfectly placed upon their Christmas tree.

Lauren said: “It was just a little bit of fun to do something different this year. We thought why not do something a bit quirky.

“We have around 36 snakes, so we always have a large collection of snake skins. We like to keep the perfect sheds, so it just came into my head to put them on the Christmas tree for decoration.

“To me it’s nothing major, but some people think it’s crazy. But I just love our reptiles so why not make them a part of Christmas too.

PIC FROM Brisbane Snake Catchers/Caters News 

“We have venomous snakes in one room, and pythons in the other. They’re all different sizes, so we managed to get a good mix of various skin sheds.

“I just decided to get a mixture of sheds from all our snakes and pop them together on the Christmas tree to give it an interesting look.

“I like to be different. I think people should just relax a bit more around this time of year and not take things so seriously.

“It’s a time for having a bit of fun, so why not go against the norm and break tradition to do something crazy.

“Some people put dog treats on their tree and things like that. This just reflects who we are.”

Chef Lauren said she and Stewart have always adored reptiles, with the pair both having pet snakes when they were children.

PIC FROM Brisbane Snake Catchers/Caters News 

Their mutual passion for snakes paved the way for their decision to begin keeping them in their home back in 2010.

And Stewart even took his love for the reptiles one step further by becoming a snake catcher – and run his own business called Brisbane Snake Catchers since early 2016.

Lauren said: “We have around 20 pythons and 16 venomous snakes. We give all the venomous ones all cute names to take away from their image of being so dangerous, such as Henry, George, Lucy and Margaret.

“To some people they look intimidating but to me they’re like puppy dogs, and they’re severely misunderstood.

“It’s just a way to honour our snakes at Christmas time. We love them so much.”

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