By Sophie Norris

A cheeky husband has caught his wife’s embarrassing faux-pas on camera after she announced that the winner of the Grand National 2017 was a horse named ‘Aintree’.

Jon Beames and his wife Sam were enjoying a BBQ on Saturday while placing bets on horses when she confused the world-famous racecourse with the winning horse.

When her husband revealed that Aintree was actually the name of the track, Samantha was so distracted that she dropped his burger on the floor.

Jon, 36, said: “Obviously we’d put a few bets on the Grand National and because it was the first sunny weekend of the year, we decided to test out our new BBQ.

“We’d all been watching the race inside and Sam nipped out to check on the food so she missed the end.

“When she came back in she just said ‘the winner of the Grand National is Aintree.’

“I couldn’t stop laughing and what was even funnier was that she thought she’d pronounced it wrong and that’s what I was laughing at. She still didn’t realise her mistake.

“My first instinct was to get out my phone and record it before I told her.”

The family from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, had decided to cook some burgers and sausages while basking in the sunshine.

They had bet on Blaklion, Le Mercurey, More of That and Cocktails at Dawn to no avail, but the couple claim they’ll still have another go next year – and Sam won’t make the same mistake.

Sam, 28, said: “I’d bet on Cocktails at Dawn and it fell at the first fence so that’s why I ran out to check the BBQ.

“I came back in after the race had finished and saw on the TV ‘Grand National Aintree’ so I thought that was the winner.

“I might not have won this year, but we’ll be giving it another go next year. Hopefully we’ll get the names right.

“Jon put the video on Facebook and now we’ve had so many people shouting ‘Aintree’ at us in the street.

“We went to the supermarket earlier to buy food for another BBQ tonight and people there were shouting it at us and coming up to us laughing.

“We’ve had everyone saying they think it’s hilarious.”

To top off the hilarious mistake, Sam then dropped her husband’s dinner on the floor in a lapse of concentration.

Jon, a factory worker, said: “She wasn’t paying attention with the spatula when I was talking to her.

“She dropped my burger on the floor but I just picked it up and washed it off.

“That’s what made the whole thing even funnier.”