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PICTURED: Brookmans Avenue royal wedding street party in Quinton.

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Pictured: Part of the fuselage of the Sydney Seaplane that crashed into water near Cowan, 25 miles north of Sydney is lifted by sprecialist teams as police and maratime agencies keep a large cordon at the site. The crash killed the pilot and Richard Cousins, 58, Edward and William Cousins, 23 and 25, fiance Emma Bowden, 48, and her daughter Heather Bowden, 11. Australian pilot Gareth Morgan, 44, was also killed in the crash on Sunday 31st of December. Pic taken 04/01/2018


Pictured: Phyllis (left) and Irene at their home, Stourport on Seven, Worcestershire, celebrating their 102nd birthday

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Pictured: A bald eagle and a red fox tussle in mid-air over a European rabbit in San Juan Island National Historical Park in Washington state. The bald eagle releases the fox and flies off with the rabbit.

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Pictured: Ellie and Jon on their wedding day. The couple were involved in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon on Feb 10th 2018

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PICTURED: General views of police outside the house on Willow Road in Walsall, on 14 January 2018. Police launched a murder investigation after a teen was fatally stabbed at a house party. They received a call following reports of disorder at a party on a Walsall street called Willows Road. Despite the efforts of the emergency services the teen, sadly died on the scene.

PICTURED: A model who spent half a million dollars to look like Kim Kardashian-West nearly burst her butt after falling from a camel during a Cardi B inspired photoshoot. Jennifer Pamplona, 25, nearly exploded her famous four-pint derriere and risked damaging vital organs due to having less protection from rib removal surgery. She was in the deserts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, trying to replicate scenes from American Rapper Cardi Bs music video Bodak Yellow when the camel kicked her off. After finishing her photoshoot, she was rushed to hospital where it was confirmed the bad bruising and severe pain, had not led to any lasting harm. The star who was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, felt she was very lucky to have escaped unharmed. She has spent a whopping USD500,000 transforming her body with everything from breast implants to fat injections to her butt, nose jobs, fillers and more.

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Pictured: Tributes to those who have lost their lives in the helicopter crash at the King Power Stadium in Leicester.

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Pictured: A magical encounter with an adorable and rare baby reindeer who is pure white in the mountains of Northern Norway.