By Kristiana Hall

An artist has created a purl-fect menu of foods made entirely out of wool.

Kate Jenkins, from Rhymney Valley, South Wales, has been a knitwear artist for more than 20 years.

PIC FROM Emma Wood/Caters News

The 47-year-old’s latest crocheted creations – which appear good enough to eat – include pigs in blankets, pasta, salad and seafood.

Kate, who originally trained as a fashion knitwear designer and is now based in Brighton, East Sussex, said: “I discovered my love of creating food back in 2007.

“My first solo show was in London, where I recreated a café.

“Since then I have created a crocheted dinner party, a supermarket, a knitted and crocheted garden and knitted an entire fish counter.

PIC FROM Emma Wood/Caters News

“The main reaction I often get is that people smile and laugh.”

Kate said the amount of time it takes her to create her knitted foods depends on the item.

Her next large-scale project is a knitted and crocheted patisserie and bakery which will be showcased in Barcelona in May 2019.

PIC FROM Emma Wood/Caters News

She added: “I never really time myself as I am always working on several projects at once.

“For example when I knitted the fish counter it took nine months to create from start to completion.”