By Kristiana Hall

This stunning festive silhouette image appears to recreate the symbolic three wise men in the desert.

Photographer, Biswanath Sinha, 48, took the image while in the middle of Khuri Desert, Rajasthan, India, earlier this year.

PIC FROM Biswanath Sinha/Caters News

The silhouette – created at sunset – shows a camel and three men sitting on the desert floor.

Biswanath, who works for the government in Kolkata, India, added: “To be honest waking up to some cold mornings was indeed a very difficult task but that effort really paid off when I captured those memories in my frame.

PIC FROM Biswanath Sinha/Caters News

“Seeing the wide varieties which nature can provide me was quite enthralling.

“I managed to capture some beautiful sand dunes, mirages, camels randomly trespassing and humans walking for miles in search of water.”