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By Kim Reader

Meet the mischievous kids at risk of getting coal instead of presents from Santa Claus this Christmas.

As Father Christmas checks his list twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice – and the antics of these little terrors might well catch up with them.

MERCURY PRESS.Pictured: Mischievous brothers Logan Harrison, four, and Harrison Wilkinson, two, with their matching bald patches

First risking a spot on the naughty list, is ‘threenager’ diva tot Hallé Rodgers.

The three-year-old loves to spend every day causing mayhem – with daily antics that include pranking her mum Chantelle Rodgers, nibbling whole blocks of cheese and bossing about her family.

Hallé also enjoys wreaking havoc by decorating walls with black eyeliner, painting the sofa with Sudocrem and giving her 26-year-old mum first-grade sass.

As well as her mischief, the hilarious toddler is known for pottering about calling everyone ‘my darling’ and mega tantrums when her mum fails to fuel her eight-yoghurt-a-day habit.

MERCURY PRESS: Pictured: Hall? Rodgers, two, loves nibbling chunks out of the family block of cheese

Despite being a bit of a nightmare, who has her dad Clive Rodgers, 27, wrapped around her little finger, receptionist Chantelle says Hallé is the ‘life and soul’ of their family.

The little girl’s ‘three going on 13’ attitude and notorious ‘side-eye’ constantly has her parents, brother Tyler Rodgers, five, and sister Evie Rodgers, eight months, in stitches.

Chantelle from Falmouth, Cornwall, said: “Anyone who knows us will tell you Hallé is the boss of the family, especially when it comes to her dad. She rules him.

“The temper on her is crazy but my god is it hilarious. She is a proper diva. I call her my sassy, side-eye little miss.

“When she’s not causing utter chaos, she is trying to give me a heart attack. She can be a bit of a nightmare and with three under five I definitely have my hands full.

MERCURY PRESS. Pictured: Ivy Rose Ball, aged 3, making a mess in the living room with mess.

“I feel like the Tasmanian Devil spinning around my house after Hallé as she causes mayhem. But I couldn’t do without her. She is the life and soul of our family, a real force to be reckoned with.”

This next tot caused carnage after covering herself head to toe in Nutella when she was left alone in the living room for just FIVE minutes.

Two-year-old Amelia Etherington had just had a bath when mum Clare Etherington left her happily watching Peppa Pig while she put the washing out.

But when Clare, 37, came back into the living room just five minutes later she was stunned to find Amelia giggling away having got her hands on a jar of Nutella and smeared it over herself and the sofa.

Cheeky Amelia then started chasing her mum around the living room trying to touch her with chocolatey hands.

Full-time mum-of-four Clare, from Whitstable, Kent, said: “I couldn’t believe the state I found her in.

MERCURY PRESS.Pictured: Amelia Etherington, 2, covered in Nutella.

“I walked into the front room and she was absolutely covered in Nutella. It was all over the sofa and on her blanket.

“She’s not the tidiest of children. She managed to create that chaos in five minutes, it was crazy.”

Another toddler who clearly wanted a makeover was three-year-old Penny Stevens who painted her whole face brown with her mum Kelly Stevens’ make-up after being left alone for 10 minutes.

Kelly, 40, left Penny with the make-up palette and showed her how to use it, thinking she would just apply some eyeshadow and a bit of blusher.

Instead the cheeky youngster covered herself and her stepbrother Caleb Stevens, 11, in the make-up leaving him looking like ‘an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Kelly, from London, said: “I’d left her for 10 minutes and my stepson called me downstairs to have a look and she was completely covered. I thought ‘oh my God’.

MERCURY PRESS.: Pictured: Penny Stevens, 3, covers her stepbrother Caleb Stevens, 11, in make up.

“She went for the darkest colours in the palette. I asked her what she was doing and she looked at me and said innocently ‘I’m putting make-up on Caleb’.

“She had this face of glee like ‘look at me’. She’s a clever child and switched on. She had this look of ‘well you gave me the palette. What do you expect?’ It was my fault because I gave it to her.”

And some kids are so mischievous, they decided to change their appearance in slightly longer lasting ways.

Charley Wilkinson, 21, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when her eldest son Logan Wilkinson, four, woke her up one morning with a bald strip down the middle of his head.

But the mum of two was in for another shock when she walked into Logan’s two-year-old brother Harrison Wilkinson’s room 20 minutes later to see he also had bald patches all over his head.

Before waking up his mum at 8am, mischievous Logan had snuck into the living room and whipped the brand new shavers off the ‘forbidden’ ornament shelf and decided to play hairdresser.

MERCURY PRESS. Pictured: 18-month-old Reggie Lack covered in flour.

When asked ‘why’, Logan told his mum he wanted to look like his bald uncle and Charley has had to reluctantly grant her son’s wish, making the ‘heartbreaking’ decision to shave both boys’ heads completely.

Full-time mum Charley, of Darwen, Lancashire, said: “I was devastated. They’ve both got such lovely, thick hair and it’s such an unusual colour. It’s a mixture of blonde, brown and ginger like mine.

“I asked Logan why he did it and at first kept telling me ‘I don’t know, I just did’. That’s his go to answer when he’s been naughty.

“But then I asked him again and he told me he wanted to look like his uncle who’s completely bald.

“Unfortunately he’s got what he wanted. I knew straight away I’d have to shave both their heads bald. I had no choice. It was heartbreaking.”

Billy-Joe Cain also decided to swipe his step-dad Craig Richardson’s razor from the bathroom cupboard and decided to indulge in some personal grooming while he was supposed to be brushing his teeth.

MERCURY PRESS. Pictured: Jacob Lack stands next to a flour covered dog bed

But like all good fun, it lead to tears after the nine year old shaved off his EYEBROWS.

Mum-of-five Kylie Cain, 29, discovered her son hiding behind the sofa giggling with half his eyebrows missing.

But at 8am the next day his smiles soon turned to tears when Billy-Joe realised with horror he would have to go to school with just half of his eyebrows intact.

The shame-faced youngster then begged Kylie to glue on some fake eyebrows before going to school.

Kylie from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “I was just gobsmacked when I saw what he’d done and was laughing about it, I couldn’t believe it.

“He was laughing about it which then made me start to laugh, it was one of those cases whether you either laugh or cry so I chose to laugh.

“I asked him why he’d done it and just said he didn’t know and that he wanted me to super glue false eyebrows on him.

MERCURY PRESS. Pictured: Billy-Joe Cain, aged nine, after he shaved his eyebrows.

“I’ve never heard of fake eyebrows you can glue on so told him he’d have to make do with ones that were drawn on.”

These other crafty kids decided instead of giving themselves a makeover, they’d set about redecorating the house.

Faye Comber had left Olly Nelson, three, watching TV while she popped upstairs to change before meeting up with friends.

Admin assistant Faye, 25, said she became suspicious when Olly was uncharacteristically quiet and then sprinted down the stairs in her underwear when she suddenly smelled paint.

The mum of two was horrified when she discovered handprints on the walls and sofa, footprints on the carpet and even tyre marks through the living room from where Olly had gleefully ridden through his bike the emulsion, causing £4,000 of damage.

Faye from Carlisle, Cumbria, said: “He was stood there covered head to toe in white emulsion paint – on his hands, his feet, new outfit, the lot.

MERCURY PRESS.Pictured: Ivy Rose Ball, aged 3, in her messy room.

“I was absolutely mortified. He didn’t just stop at opening the tin of paint he made pictures with it and rode his bike through it.

“How he did all of this in five minutes I don’t know. You would think he’s been left an hour the destruction he’s caused.”

Zoe Wales, 22, didn’t know ‘whether to laugh or cry’ when she woke up to the mess her three-year-old Ivy Rose Ball had made across three rooms after sneaking out of bed early.

The Open University law student, who studies after Ivy Rose has gone to bed, spent hours on Wednesday giving the house a thorough spring clean and went to bed exhausted but happy.

But the sassy tot had other plans and greeted stunned Zoe with a bedroom strewn with toys, a bath full of freshly squeezed shower gel smeared round the tub and a living room full of toys, books and snacks embedded in the carpet.

MERCURY PRESS. 18/12/18. Pictured: Evie Rodgers, eight months, is always laughing at her big sister Hall? Rodgers, two.

Zoe from Telford, Shropshire, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I went through and saw the mess. I’d spent so long the previous day giving the house a good proper spring clean.

“I woke up at 6.30am and it looked like a bomb had hit it, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“When I told her she had to clean it up I got told it was my job to do because I was the adult.

“I’m petrified of her hitting her teen years. If this is what I have to deal with now, who knows what it will be like in a few years’ time.”

Mum-of-four Sam Sherwood, 39, had nipped out to the garden when she returned to the entire ground floor of her house covered in white paste.

Her two young children, Jacob Lack, three, and Reggie Lack, 18 months, had broken into the cupboard, knocked over the dog’s water bowl and strewn flour all over Sam’s kitchen, hallway and living room.

The waitress claims all she could do was ‘laugh or she’d cry’ and says Jacob later tried to help her clean up by sucking up all the water from the toilet with her brand-new hoover.

Sam, from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, said: “I’d nipped outside for just a few minutes and when I came back into the kitchen, I saw the flour sprinkled on the floor.

“We’d bought the flour for Pancake Day and it’d been in the cupboard with a child lock on it but they managed to get into it anyway – the crafty things.

“It went all through the living room and hallway too.

“Whoever said to have kids together because it’s easier was wrong. I just had to laugh or I’d probably cry.”