Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

A mini inflatable Christmas tree has sent this beagle into a panicked craze as he encounters an unexpected phobia.

Shocked owner, Paul Cutherbertson, 36, blew up a mini tree on December 1, planning on spreading some festive cheer to his household.

Yet Ron the beagle, from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, was not impressed.

Initially curious, the perplexed pet begins to bark at the still tree, but when Paul decides to move it, Ron makes a terrified retreat.

Looking from around the banister on the stairs, the pup looks less than happy with the new decoration. 

Paul, a warehouse supervisor, said: “He is always surprising us with daft stuff, but I didn’t expect him to be scared of a tree.

“He generally spends his days running us ragged, chewing and eating all our possessions.”