Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This mesmerising footage allows viewers to see what it’s like dive head-first into a bait ball alongside a giant shark.

In the breathtaking POV footage, millions of sardines can be seen swirling around the hungry whale shark, which continuously attempted to grab a quick bite.


The moment was captured by Charles Harmer, in Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico, who could not believe his eyes having initially dived into the bait ball for a snorkel.

After around 15 minutes, a large shape emerged beneath the bait ball – a moment that initially caught Charles by surprise. 

Having returned to surface for air, the experienced diver then headed back underwater, swimming with the fish among the swirling ball.

Charles, 51, from Los Angeles, California, USA, said: “I was able to capture this footage with patience, persistence, experience and luck. 

“I’ve encountered whale sharks for close to 20 years now and have learned quite a bit regarding their swimming patterns and feeding behaviors. 

“Just had to be patient and dive down below the bait ball to find them camouflaged within the sardines. 


“Also got help from others at the surface who were topside on our boat. 

“They were looking out for any signs of the sharks surfacing and would shout out if they noticed them.”

This was the first time in his 20 years of diving that Charles had ever experienced such a unique encounter. 

Many of Charles’ friends have been left intrigued by his October 8 footage, stating they have never seen anything like it.

While there have been a number of videos of feeding behaviour in bait balls shot from afar, very few take viewers into the ball itself.

Charles, who runs Silver Shark Adventures, said: “One of the main reasons why I attempt to capture footage when out on the water, is to be able to share the experiences with others. 

“Getting positive reactions for these encounters is very rewarding and inspires me to continue with these adventures.”