By Mollie Mansfield

A stunning young woman makes up to £44,000 a year from cuddling strangers in her home.

Cecelia Baez, 24, has made a full-time career from spending up to 15 hours per week cuddling strangers that she has met online, charging over £60 an hour.


The Philadelphia woman, who also works as a bartender, spends hours cuddling with her clients whilst discussing what is happening in their life and getting any troubles off of their chest.

Cecelia also gives life advice to her clients whilst they are hugging – ranging from what new hobbies they should pick up, to tips on their dating life.

And despite initially feeling nervous in her position, she explains that since working for Cuddlist she has been able to receive mutual benefits from her cuddling sessions with strangers.

Cecelia said: “As soon as I started cuddling, I never looked back and knew it was the perfect job for me.


“The only thing I dislike about my job is the fact that I can’t do it more often.

“I love how I inspire people to take action in their life and make changes that they believe are best for them, like start dating or picking up new hobbies.

“I also love how it changed me as a person – I take my sessions as a healing centre for both sides.”

Cecelia was introduced to the profession of cuddling by a friend who had recently been to a Cuddlist appointment.

After researching into the job, Cecelia immediately signed up and started to do what she could to get cuddling right away.


She said: “My friend recommended that I should look into a position with Cuddlist after he had a good experience at one of his sessions.

“I loved the idea, but didn’t imagine it was a job available for me to do.

“I saw videos of people professionally cuddling for a living and I knew straight away that it was something I wanted to do.

“After applying for the job and having my application taken on, I did some cuddling role-play which helped me get going – but I was very nervous to begin with.

“I was mainly nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough at cudlding, but over time I’ve realised that I am.


“But now I am always comfortable in what I do and make sure I have good communication with all of my clients to ensure I do not put myself in a situation that makes me uncomfortable.”

Despite the stigma behind careers such as Cecelia’s, she explains that her family and friends are completely behind her job path.

She said: “My family is very supportive – I’ve always been someone who thinks outside the of what is deemed “normal,” and they’ve become very open minded to how society is shaping.

“I think they understand that touch is extremely important to people.

“In a world where we are more connected than ever through cellular devices; we also have less in-person interactions and feel more alone than before.

“So I am just glad that I can help people get the touch that they are missing in their life and help myself at the same time too!”