Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment an adorable baby grey whale leans out of the water for a smooch with some tourists, with the help of its mother.

The massive mammal, accompanied by its even bigger mum, swam right up to a boatload of tourists in Baja, California, USA on March 9, to get up close and personal with those above the surface.

Wiggling with joy, the infant whale is hoisted up in the air by its parent and into the loving arms of those on board the boat, who cheer on in anticipation.

Overcome with excitement, holiday maker Kathy Mathews and her friends scramble to the boat’s side to greet the spectacular creature with kisses and tickles, much to the delight of the infant cetacean, who rolls on his side for a firm belly rub.

Kathy, from Marysville, California, said: “The feeling of being close to such an incredible creature is indescribable, let along physically touch it.

“I was stunned by how trusting and forthcoming they were, they weren’t weary at all.

“A whale doesn’t feel at all like you think it would.

“The kiss was very salty and the skin felt like wet velvet.

“The two of them even played with the boat for a while, pushing us back and forth.

“It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.”