Life Video

By Kirstie Sutheran


An adorable compilation shows a granddad’s ecstatic reaction every time he opens the door to his granddaughter.

Jen Barclay, 24, made sure to capture her 87-year-old grandpa’s beaming smile each time she turned up to his house for dinner through 2018.

Pic by CatersNews

Opening the door at home in Leven, Scotland, Robert can’t hide his happiness at seeing his beloved granddaughter, sometimes mixing it up and asking her for a password.

Further towards the end of the compilation, which has been viewed more than 7million times on social media, he can be heard calling the student nurse his ‘honey bun’.

Jen said: “His reaction made me smile each and every time, so I wanted to record it.

“My granddad and I are very close.

Pic by CatersNews

“He looked after me and my older sister a lot when we were younger.

“He has five grandchildren and his first great grandchild is on the way.”