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By Charlotte Nisbet

 A glamorous mum-of-four got the ultimate revenge body after her divorce – and now she even goes clubbing with her daughter.

 Cheryl Shapland, 47, feels half her age after dropping four stone and now showcases her slim size 10 frame by hitting bars and clubs.

Pic from Ian Watts/Caters News

 After divorcing her husband, Cheryl decided to drop her weight once and for all, ditching her weekly takeaways and chocolatey snacks.

 Now, when she goes clubbing – which is at least three times per month – with her daughter, Chelsea-May, 18, strangers can’t believe the duo are mother and daughter.

 Cheryl who claims she used to look like an ‘obese man’ couldn’t be happier with her weight now and is thanking ‘one 2 one Cambridge Weight Plan’ for her success.

The travel agent, from Stockport, Manchester, added: “After I divorced my husband I decided to get myself back into shape. 

“I was a size 18 and would hide away at any opportunity as I was embarrassed about how I’d let myself go.

Pic from Ian Watts/Caters News

 “I’d comfort eat with takeaways as it made me feel better, especially when my relationship was breaking down.

 “But now, I feel amazing, after losing four stone I love nothing more than to go clubbing with Chelsea-May and my older daughter, Lauren, 21.

“Often people will come up to us and say ‘are you three sisters?’ when they see us out together.

“It’s a huge compliment of course but after spending years hiding away, it’s great being able to just enjoy myself without worrying about my size.”

Cheryl says being able to go clubbing with her daughters has made their bond closer.

She added: “It’s amazing being able to get ready and getting all glammed up  with Chelsea and Lauren. 

Pic from Ian Watts/Caters News

“We’re able to help each other choosing outfits and I couldn’t feel better stood next to them in photos.

“I would shy away from having my photo taken before but now I love having a good selfie with my girls.

“I’m so close to the girls and I know it’s because they’re able to relate to me 

“I feel much younger than I am nowadays and I hope my story inspires other women who feel overweight and are unhappy to do something about it.

 “I hardly look like the same person in my before photos and I feel completely different too.”

Cheryl has since met her new partner, Paul Shapland, 50, and claims she’s happier than ever.

Pic from Ian Watts/Caters New

She added: “I spent 13 years being in an unhappy relationship and after feeling unattractive and fat for years, it’s amazing to be able to wear size 10 clothes.

“I would tell myself that after my divorce that ‘no one will want to be with you, you’re fat’ but now I know that was because I wasn’t in a supportive relationship, things are so much different now.  

“Thanks to one 2 one Cambridge Weight Plan I have completely changed my relationship with food.

“I don’t rely on it to make me happy, I’m able to make healthy dinners for me and my family.”

 Cheryl who also has a son called, Jenson, 17 and a younger daughter called, Saskia, 13, has transformed her diet and recently won the Maintainer award at ‘one 2 one Cambridge Weight Plan’ annual event.  

She added: “My transformation started a decade ago but I hope to show others that it’s possible to keep up the healthy lifestyle with this weight plan. 

“I have the low calorie chocolate bars now and rarely have takeaways now as I much prefer cooking homemade meals.”

Pic from Ian Watts/Caters News


Breakfast – croissant x2 and pain au chocolat

Lunch – Microwave pie and potatoes

Dinner – Takeaway, Indian or Chinese

Snacks – Milkshakes, x3 chocolate bars, Coke Cola, crisps, 


Breakfast – one 2 one Cambridge Weight Plan porridge [strawberry or raspberry flavour] 

Lunch – Chicken salad

Dinner – Steak . Chicken with vegetables / salad

Snacks – Fruit, one 2 one Cambridge Weight Plan mint chocolate bars