Animals Video

By Neo Bye

Watch as this woman is almost overpowered when attempting to feed seven Alaskan Malamutes at the same time. 

Shot on the 13th of September 2018, Textile and Villa Executive Soesanti Oeij, from Bandung, Indonesia, the video has amassed nearly sixty thousand views online. 

Soesanti said: “It’s always a struggle giving them snacks at the same time. 

“They always show the same level of energy every time I feed them.

“A lot of time the time they jump up and can push me quite hard.” 

In the video you can see the bunch of excitable dogs jumping around their feeder as if she’s one of the pack. Although it seems like quite a struggle for Soesanti to keep up with them, it’s clear they don’t mean any harm to her. 

Soesanti said: “Most people love seeing me feed the pack, but they can be quite shocked by it as well.”