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By Jack Williams

 This dedicated couple are soon to complete a painstaking challenge, which has seen them create intricate paper birds every day for a year.

 Each of the detailed creatures can take committed Nayan and Vaishali Shrimali between four and eight hours a day – a huge undertaking over 365 days.

PIC FROM CATERS: Baya Weaver Bird

 Every one of the birds is different, with the couple creating everything from an Australian pelican to a baby hummingbird, a blue jay to an osprey.

 The idea for their project came to Nayan and Viashali, both 28, in 2017, when they began observing the birds in their local area.

 They set themselves the challenge of bringing such birds to others through art – and so they opted to set the challenge of “making highly detailed birds in smallest size possible” and try to make them as realistic as they could.

 After initially starting a monthly-long challenge on January 1, 2018, the couple then decided to extend the project to a whole year.


 Nayan, from Ahmedabad, India, said: “We have dedicated these series to our little feather friends as a gesture of thankfulness for their immense love and support in our lives.

 “We hope that people also understand the significance of birds in their lives and help to save them.”

 Each work begins with a sketch on paper, before the different layers of these 3D works are traced.


 The layers are then hand-cut and readied for colouring, which, Nayan said, requires the “upmost precision” because of the size of the works, which measure around an inch head to tail.

 At the end of the series, Nayan and Viashali – who have their own studio, NV Illustration – intend to set up an exhibit.

 Nayan said: “The response has been overwhelming – we cannot explain how much love this series has got.

“And through our series we have connected with many different artists, bird lovers, photographers and environmentalists around the world.”

PIC FROM CATERS: Nayan and Vaishali Shrimali