Video Viral

By Liam Bolland

Watch the heart-melting but hilarious moment a toddler attempts to sing the soundtrack to Moana in her mother’s car.

Jacquiline Peacock, 29, from Peterborough, filmed her daughter, Mollie Hopper, three, attempting the high notes to the popular Disney film soundtrack.

The toddler can be seen belting out to the best of her ability before being congratulated by her mum when changing to the next song.

Jacquiline said: “Mollie sings in the car a lot and she makes sure no one is able to sing at the same time.

“She sings every single time I pick her up from school, although I’ve never seen her attempt the high notes like this.

“It’s so cute seeing her attempting different songs, she’s always singing along to films such as Frozen and Trolls.

“She makes my heart melt and she absolutely loves Moana, we’ve seen it in the cinema multiple times.”