Amazing Video

By Aliki Kraterou


A medical student has transformed incredible fossils found on Yorkshire beaches into golden cannonballs. 

Aaron Smith, 22, from Redcar, Yorkshire, began his unusual hobby as a child 15 years ago after being introduced to it by his parents. 


After coating the fossil in Iron Pyrite, which enables them to be polished gold, Aaron polishes the fossils so they’re pristine. 

Aaron who is studying at Newcastle University normally finds the fossils after rough storms which rip up slabs of slate. 

He added: “Geology is a big part of my life, it is more than a hobby. 

“We started going to check fossils 15 years ago and we kept going back.


“We saw other people looking for the reptile fossils, which are more rare, we read some books about it and gradually we started going again and again.  

“It’s very interesting and I have had a lot of people messaging me about them. 

“The fossils are covered in pyrite which makes it harder to remove from the rock – that’s why they are so rare. 

“I usually go with my dad- we collect them, we have never thought about selling them.”

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