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By Federico Cornetto

A superstar bull saved from the slaughterhouse is mesmerising crowds with his showjumping and dressage skills.

 Five-year-old Aston, nicknamed ‘le taureau’, is a very unique animal – capable of doing things previously unbeknown to bullkind.

 Horse trainer Sabine Rouas, from Strasbourg, France, adopted Aston when he was only one – saving him from slaughter.

PIC FROM Caters News

Sabine turned the helpless calf destined to become veal meat into an agile adult bull with a fashionable tuft of curly hair – teaching him alongside jumping horse pal Samy.

In the video, the acclaimed pair can be seen doing impressive showjumping and complicated dressage routines, which include bowing, walking backwards and dancing in sync with Samy.

Sabine said: “Aston was initially destined to be slaughtered as he was born in a small organic milk farm.

 “When he was one I bought a house and took him, his mother, and Samy, a jumping horse, with me.

 “I noticed Aston followed me everywhere, I took care of his mother when he was still in the womb, so he probably got used to my voice.

Sabine said she realised Aston was special shortly after adopting him.

PIC FROM Caters News

At the time, she had just lost the horse she had shared 20 years of her life with and felt she couldn’t be close to horses anymore, so instead she became interested in a family of cows living in a nearby farm.

Sabine did not initially plan to ride Aston, but soon realised the young bull was picking up some of the tricks she was teaching Samy, her jumping horse.

 She said: “Aston and Samy became really close and I think the horse became Aston’s role model.

 “He started picking up some tricks, then shows began two or three years ago and people got really curious.

 “Aston became famous in the area quite quickly.”

 According to Sabine, Aston is sometimes reluctant to do shows as he doesn’t want to stay away from Samy for too long.

 The horse and the bull are very close and they share the same stable.

 However, Aston is in great health and he’s expected to do shows for many more years.

 Sabine said: “He’s very proud when he feels that he’s made me happy.

 “What impresses people most are his jumps and horse dressage figures.

 “Aston is still learning a lot, so the best is yet to come.”