Video Viral

By Neo Bye 

A pro longboarder has filmed the moment she falls over on a road crossing after showcasing her impressive dance moves. 

Alina Veremeyko, 20, was on holiday in Malaga, Spain, when she tripped over and fell to the floor. 

The young woman, who has been long boarding for four years, was due to board a flight to her home in Moscow, Russia, just hours later.

Alina added: “It’s a really rare for me to fall while I’m dancing cause it is one of the easiest part in longboard freestyle but when you’re filmed all day you can become really exhausted and loose the balance.

 “I tried classic skateboarding but it was when I already had sponsors and won longboarding competitions so I didn’t want to lose my skills in longboarding while doing skateboarding.

“I always catch a lot of attention while longboarding And of course it seems quite pretty and unusual when a girl does tricks on a board. People usually come up to me and ask about longboarding and I feel deliriously happy to tell them about my hobby to make it a bit more spread to the world.”