Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This breathtaking footage shows one of the world’s most threatened felines, roaming naturally in the wild.

Amy and David Alton could not believe their luck when they managed to capture a glimpse of a pair of ultra-rare flat-headed cats.


Shot in Kalimantan, Indonesia, the footage shows two of the cats – of which it is estimated that the wild population is made up of less than 2,500 mature individuals – illuminated in the pitch black for night, surrounded by foliage. 

Having been filmed around a minute, their wide eyes glaring the camera, the cats then retreated into the shrubbery.

The flat-headed cat is a small endangered species of wild cat that is native to the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra, and there are fewer than 10 in captivity.

Amy, who captured the footage on October 14, 2018, said: “It was actually a little scary.  

“I was surprised how close the cat got to us.  

“It’s no bigger than a house cat, but now that I know more about it, it’s a really impressive species.


“Our river guide actually identified them as a different species.  

“Once I did some research I was able to identify it as a flat-headed cat, with the help of the  International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC) Canada.”

Amy and David, both 34, originally from the United States, have been travelling the world for the past four years. 

They upload such discoveries to their website, Out Chasing Stars.

Amy added: “It’s really exciting to be able to assist in conservation efforts for a little-known species, especially in an area known as hotbed of ecological controversy.

“The ISEC was very excited by the footage.  

“They think it is the first footage of a kitten, and it was taken in an area where the flat-headed cat was not previously documented.”