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By Josh Saunders

Cuddling lion brothers interrupted by ‘annoying sister’ barges into them in amusing footage. 

Peacefully lying next to one another males Chance and Shadow, unaware the moments of bliss would soon be ruined by sibling Venus.


Disturbing their bonding, the lioness shoves the brothers, flops down and squishes them so much that the one is forced to move to get some space.

Then in a hilarious moment of ‘woman spreading’, unaware Venus yawns and makes herself comfy while she licks her paws.

The footage was captured by Suzanne Scott at GG Conservation, in Harrismith, South Africa, during a guided lion walk that’s offered for the sanctuary.

Since being posted online the video has attracted attention by people tagging their siblings and partners who they accuse of doing the same.

Director of the sanctuary Suzanne, 50, originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, hopes footage like this encourages people to see the similarities between the lions and ourselves.


She said: “The two males of this pride were happily sat ‘chilling’ together when their sister Venus came and forced her way in to sit with them, causing them both to roll over.

“The looks on the two boys’ faces were priceless.

“It makes you realise that even lion siblings are such characters and annoy each other just like human siblings or partners do.

“The online reaction from others was generally that they could completely relate to this and to ‘tag’ their annoying sister or their girlfriend who takes up all the bed.

“Our lions are full of personality and very funny to watch especially when they are in an environment that they are happy in like they are here – unlike most zoos, etc.

“This video happened on a ‘guided lion walk’ which is an extra we offer our guests staying at Lion House – a house we rent out on our property which helps to support the lions financially and to give people the opportunity to spend time amongst our majestic lions.”


GG Lions a part of the conservation takes care of more than 77 lions, both tawny and white, within multiple prides.

The non-profit aims to preserve the species who have dramatically dropped from half a million 50 years ago to 20,000 – making them endangered.

Their falling population numbers due to a combination of hunting, poaching, habitat loss and disease.

Some of their lions have been rescued from ‘canned hunting’ areas, where people pay to kill the majestic mammal as trophies.

Most famously, Cecil the lion was killed in 2015 by Dr. Walter J. Palmer who was reported to have paid $50,000 to carry out the hunt. 

Suzanne said: “Our belief is that the more engaged people are in individual lions, their stories and personalities via our videos, the more likely we are as a human population to care deeply about this amazing species.

“And in turn, help its future survival for generations to come, as what we humans love, we will protect.

“Lions are not just apex predator killing machines, they are also intriguing animals with feelings and big personalities.”  

The non-profit is fundraising to cover the cost of running the sanctuary, keeping the lions safe and medical bills. is

As well as providing guided tours, GG Conservation are also renting out a property within the sanctuary to allow visitors to view their ‘majestic lions’.

Suzanne added: “We are keeping the GG lions safe in a country where violent lion poaching is on the sharp increase due to the value and demand of lion bones and teeth for the East.”

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