Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

Footage shows a boneheaded motorist arguing with a cyclist about how he can ‘safely’ use his mobile phone while driving – only to CRASH moments later. 

The amusing episode was filmed last month by Scottish cyclist, David Brennan, who had a camera installed on his helmet.

David was cycling on the A739 Switchback Road between Bearsden and Glasgow when he got into a heated argument with the driver after spotting him on his mobile, even shouting ‘it’s people like you who kill me’.

After the driver answered David’s question about being able to drive safely while using his phone with a ‘yes’, he drove off only to bump a car in front of him in traffic at a slow speed.

He said: “I was surprised to see this driver on his mobile phone, especially as he was looking down at it whilst driving.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I called over to encourage him to stop using it, as it is not safe to drive whilst look at a phone. 

“He later started talking to me, and during that conversation claimed he could drive safely when using his mobile phone, which is an astonishing admission.” 

As the traffic light turned green the driver left David behind, however, the cyclist was quick to pass him again.

He said: “There is often a queue of traffic on this road, so it was not unexpected for me to catch up with him.

PIC FROM Caters News

“He’d complained I was previously cycling along at ‘3mph’, so I smiled and waved as I went past, pointing out the fact he was the one now doing 3mph.

“As his window was wound up, I’m not even sure he heard me, but he probably saw me wave.

“He then proceeded to accelerate forward as the traffic ahead of him stopped and he crashed into the car in front.

“I spoke to the two drivers. I offered my footage to the driver in front as evidence, but they decided to settle it between them.”