By Michael Scott

These stunning snaps show you’re never too tall for a hug – as this adorable baby giraffe demonstrated.

Christine Hadfield spotted the young calf nuzzling its mother while appearing to smile at Kruger Park in South Africa last month.

Pic by Christine Hadfield/Caters News

Wedding photographer Christine, from Manfield, County Durham, is more used to capturing the love between couples as they tie the knot on camera and said she felt privileged to witness the tender moment.

She said: “As one of the females made her way over to one of the calves it became clear this was her own youngster, as she began nuzzling its neck in affection.

Pic by Christine Hadfield/Caters News

“The baby responded in such a wonderful way – by rubbing its face into mum and pulling its little ears back in a moment of what looked like bliss on its face as it snuggled up.

“You could see that wonderful bond it had with its mother and you could see both mother and calf clearly enjoying the intimate moment.

“It was such a tender moment, and a privilege to witness.

Pic by Christine Hadfield/Caters News

“Unlike elephants who are highly social and spend a lot of time touching and interacting, you don’t see this behaviour in giraffes – except with their young.

“As a wedding photographer I am always looking for that loving moment and this was such a loving moment between mum and youngster.”