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By Federico Cornetto

A woman has left the hospital to which she was admitted to hospital with a BROKEN NOSE after being hit with a baseball at a theme park in Singapore.

Mum-of-two Serene Tan, 35, visited the SuperPark Singapore with her husband on Sunday November 25.

But she claims the fun night out turned into a nightmare for the couple when Serene entered the baseball net.


In their video, she can be seen wearing safety helmet and gloves, then trying out a few shots as balls are thrown in her direction from the other side of the net.

The fifth shot doesn’t go as intended, the ball bounces off the wall behind the right side of the net and hits her on the face – breaking her nose. 

unfortunate and very rare accident

Serene said: “I suffered a broken nose and depressed nasal fractures.

“It was very very painful, so much that I was speechless.

“Fortunately the ball didn’t hit my eyes, I feel blessed for that.”


After undergoing surgery, Serene is now recovering but is launching legal action against SuperPark.

She claims there was not enough distance between the side wall and the soft net, and the helmet that was shown in the safety rules was different from the one she actually got, which had no front cage. 

Serene, who signed a waiver before playing, said: “The premise did not provide good safety structures, and I didn’t realise before I started playing the game.

“Hopefully, no one else will get hurt after my video went viral.


“This is important especially as the premises are open to children.

“I will never visit SuperPark again.”

SuperPark Singapore have since responded with a public statement, in which they say they are ‘extremely saddened’ by the incident.

The statement reads: “SuperPark is extremely saddened by a recent guest’s injury that took place at the baseball activity area.

The injury took place on Sun 25 Nov, 2018 when a baseball rebounded from an unexpected angle and the injured guest was observed to have a cut, nose bleed and swelling. 

“SuperPark staffers provided immediate first aid to her and called an ambulance. We remained in contact with her since then in care for her recovery and will continue to do so.

“SuperPark upholds international and professional standard of safety measures with an onsite team of recognized coaches and staff members with relevant qualifications. 


“We implement significantly more onerous safety standards in our Asian parks than in Finland/Europe as many Asian guests have not participated in our activities to the same extent as our European guests.

“Specific to baseball, there is no international or national standard on whether or not, or which type of helmets that should be worn. SuperPark makes it strictly compulsory for guests to watch a video on safety procedures, wear a helmet and gloves, and be at least 140cm tall to play it. 

“A full face helmet with a protective grill can potentially cause more serious damage to the face or skull in case of injury, and it blocks a beginner’s vision which can lead to other dangers.

“A waiver is a common contract that is used across the leisure and entertainment industry, but it cannot be used as a defence against negligence and the incident in discussion. 

“However, SuperPark firmly believes this does not amount to negligence but rather an unfortunate and very rare accident of a ball rebounding to hit one of its guests.”

Mark Kumarasinhe, CEO Asia of SuperPark, added: “Even though we hold the highest safety standard for every SuperPark sites we operate in, still any injury causes us great concern. 

“We will take a serious review with a goal of improving our safety standards to further enhance our procedures if it is necessary.”