Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

 The hilarious footage shows a poor girl who always ends up with the same present every year – the exact same pair of pyjamas. 

Nevin, 20, was filmed opening the gift by boyfriend of two years Seth Delbridge, 23 – and the couple couldn’t stop laughing at the unfortunate coincidence.

 This is the third time Nevin has received the Christmas pyjamas after first buying them for herself last year and then receiving the same as a Secret Santa present two weeks later.

So the couple, from Colombus, Ohio, USA, couldn’t believe it when she received the exact same pair of Old Navy dog-printed pyjamas again this year.

 Seth, who filmed the footage earlier this month, said: “Last December Nevin wanted to get some new PJs.

 “She bought a new pair of red PJs with Christmas dogs on them that she was really proud of.

“A couple weeks later was her team’s Secret Santa gift exchange and her secret Santa gave her the exact pair that she bought for herself, except they were a size bigger.

“So she laughed it off and ended up giving me the extra pair so that we can rock matching PJs.

“Fast forward to this year, her team did the usual secret Santa.

“As soon as she saw the Old Navy bag, she knew what was going to happen.

 “Another teammate, who knew nothing about the previous year’s events, inadvertently bought her the same Christmas dog PJs.

“The rest is history – until next year. 

“The pyjama pants are very comfy. We’ve been wearing them more now the weather has gotten colder.

“We share a tonne of laughs daily, but laughs like these are fewer and farther between. 

“I’d say something happens at least monthly that has us wheezing like we are in this video.”