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By Charlotte Nisbet 

A furious six-year-old has been caught slamming his ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to the floor after discovering a moustache had been drawn on his face during the night. 

PIC FROM Caters News

His parents – who carefully drew the moustache with a paintbrush and water-based paint – say they couldn’t stop laughing during the prank as Ozzie hates having his face painted. 

His prankster parents, Tina Baldock, 31, and husband, Josh, 32, concocted the plan the draw on their son, Ozzy, last week [November 30] to kick start their ‘Elf on the Shelf’ crusade.

The hilarious moment Ozzie noticed he had a black moustache above his lip was caught on camera by Tina as he walked into her bedroom after he’d woken up.  

In the clip he can be seen looking shocked, then furious before slamming the elf to the ground in anger.  

Since his ordeal Ozzie has hidden the  ‘Elf on the Shelf’ every night and even tried to leave it at school this week in a bid to stop his pesky behaviour. 

PIC FROM Caters News

Tina, a full time mum of two, from Bristol, said: “Me and Josh both decided to draw on Ozzie’s face for our first ever Elf on the Shelf idea. 

“We were laughing so much while drawing on his face that we thought we were going to wake him up. 

“The paint brush was tickling his face but we managed to get away with it. 

PIC FROM Caters News 

“Ozzie woke up in the morning and brought the elf into our room with the paint brush into our room. 

“His reaction when he looked into the mirror was priceless. 

“Ozzie was furious and after slamming his elf to the floor, he spent the next 15 minutes crying about it. 

“We found it so funny and as soon as the paint washed off his face he was alright. 

PIC FROM Caters News 

“Ozzie hasn’t forgiven the elf just yet though, I caught him stuffing him down the sofa and reclining it back earlier this week. 

“His older brother, Cash, who is 11, found it all so funny though.”

Ozzie – who now hides the elf every night before bed – checks his face first thing every morning to make sure he hasn’t been drawn on during his sleep. 

Tina added: “Ozzie runs into our bedroom every morning and looks in the mirror. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“We haven’t done anything too outrageous since but Ozzie is a little freaked out by the elf. 

“He asked us to buy one in the first place so Josh came home with one last month but this is the first year we’ve done this. 

“I think he’s regretting his choice now though as I don’t think he’ll be able to relax until Christmas Day when he knows the elf is no longer up to any mischief. 

“We have found the whole thing really funny, since our first antics the elf has been found in the car, in the sink covered in toothpaste, he has eaten part of Ozzie’s chocolate calendar and has covered himself in flour. 

“I think us parents have enough to do without dealing with the elf every night but I have a feeling Ozzie won’t be asking for his elf to come out and play next year.”