Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

This incredible point of view footage shows the moment a daring former serviceman took the leap of death from the summit of Mont Blanc – the Alps’ highest peak.

Ex-Royal Marine, Tim Howell, 29, captured the moment he climbed to the summit of Mont Blanc and then threw himself off its edge for a death-defying base jump. 

The clips, which were captured by the ex-serviceman’s headcam, show the vertigo-inducing plunge in crystal clear definition.

Amazing pictures also show Tim’s ascent to Diables Arete.

His friends instead made the decision to jump using paragliders and speed wings.

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News 

Speaking about the excursion, Tim said: “It felt so good once I had landed when I looked at where I jumped from.

“It had taken me four hours to get to the point I made the jump from and only took two minutes to fly down.”

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News