Offbeat Video

By Josh Saunders

A prankster partner scares her ‘jumpy girlfriend’ with a giant 30p spider hidden in the toilet and more for hilarious reaction videos. 

Jenna Wimshurst, 28, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, has spent the past year frightening Scottish partner Suzanne Lynch, 34, to capture her amusing shrieks and ‘expletive laden’ responses.


Earlier this month, the comedy writer purchased a discountedspider toy, measuring up to 15cm (6inches), to hide in the toilet along with a go-pro to film her.

Knowing that for Dundee-born Suzanne, finds solace in her bathroom breaks she decided to stage the prank there believing she would never expect anything bad to happen.

After lifting the lid, she screams and jumps backwards, before dropping the seat only to find a giggling Jenna filming her as she covered her face in embarrassment.

Barely able to believe what has happened she swears multiple times, much to the amusement of Jenna and her eagers fans. 

This is the latest instalment in a series of pranks, from hiding in the backseat of her car to scare her, making her jump doing everyday things and more.


Suzanne, a fraud specialist, said: “I’m still alive, but I can’t say it was the highlight of my day, she is always coming up with new ways to try to scare me.

“I’m definitely afraid of spiders, even the small tiny ones, so opening the toilet seat and seeing a giant spider was not the greatest moment of my life.

“I was definitely not expecting it at all and don’t generally expect Jenna to be waiting around the corner to jump out at me.

“I knew once I got into a relationship with Jenna that she was a funny individual who created amusing things.

“This is just the sort of thing she likes to do, and I like to think I have a good sense of humour about it.

“I generally love time in the bathroom and now Jenna has left me looking down into the toilet to make sure there is nothing there.

“I do wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t have noticed and sat down, that would have been horrific.


“Other people absolutely love the videos, they think it’s bloody hilarious.

“Everyone thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread when I show them the videos, they think they are brilliant.

“At the time I swear a lot and tell her she’s an ‘x, y, z’ but then when I see the video I find it funny.

“I’m Jenna’s number on fan, even though I’m the butt of the joke it’s part of the creative process, her humour and who she is.”

Jenna, who recently penned satirical book ‘How to be a Lesbian’, spent a week preparing to lure her partner of five years into the trap.

To avoid suspicion she deliberately started putting down the toilet seat and rehearsed the best camera angles for her GoPro – eventually using a suction cup, toilet paper and tape.

When she put her plan into action on Nov 9, she waited for Suzanne to come home and pretended to be on her PlayStation.

Jenna said: “It was a huge, black spider which is very shocking to look at, it looks like one of those horrible things you see from Australia hidden in a box of bananas. 


“Suzanne is really into her toilet time, it’s where she unwinds and goes on her phone, so I thought if I was going to hide it anywhere it would have to be the toilet.

“It was very quick, I wish she hadn’t shut the lid so quickly as her face was amazing, bright red and displaying that horrible feeling when you’re scared.

“It was very funny, she wasn’t best pleased and called me a few names, but she’s forgiven me now, I think.

“I know she is very, very scared of spiders so it was a really evil prank. I’m such a good girlfriend, right?”

This isn’t the first time, Jenna has engaged in trying to shock her other half and she admits the amusing reactions are what keeps her going.

Jenna said: “She’s very jumpy and swears a lot, it’s very funny.

“I think she hates the pranks but also kind of likes them, I think I need to come up with more inventive jokes in the future.

“I have done a few scaring videos with Suzanne, one where I hid in the backseat of her car at work and scared her.

“There are a few others, even simple things like when she’s making the bed I go around the corner and scream.”


Aside from pranking her girlfriend, comedy writer Jenna has written a comedic guide to ‘being a lesbian’ for sale on Amazon.

Jenna said: “It covers from what to wear, to how to interact with other lesbians, dating women, and dealing with homophobes and questions like ‘who’s the man’.

“It’s having fun and playing on the silly stereotypes and stuff, a lot comes from my experience, like people thinking that if you’re a lesbian you must be really good at DIY or painting.

“I came out to my mum at 16 and dad at 21, when I told them they were fine. There’s no comedy to be had in ‘we still love you’”

Suzanne says despite the jokes often being at her expense she is her partner’s number one fan.

She added: “I’m busy and forget about the pranks, then she will do something and scare the life out of me.

“I wish I was more creative so I could get her back, but I’m more of an ‘in the moment’ person and am never filming.

“We’ll be watching something on TV sitting on the couch when I will turn and scream at her to see if I can make her jump, but it rarely works.”

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