By Helen Le Caplain

This is the moment an unsuspecting electrician was followed by his howling prankster pals as he drove down a busy road with a bobbing DILDO stuck to the back of his company car.

Adam Belby was driving to a wholesalers in Barry, South Wales, on Monday (April 3) unaware that pal Adrian Lewis had stuck a 6-inch flesh-coloured sex aid to the back of his black Renault Mégane.

Hilarious footage captured the infectious ‘Mutley-style’ laughter of Adrian and work colleague Tom as they watched the stowaway sex toy wobbling on the back of his work branded car.

Adrian, 34, decided to play the trick on his pal after discovering an abandoned used sex toy stash, including used dildos and a penis pump, in the big bins outside his work that morning.

Sign writer Adrian from Barry, Wales, said: “Some scumbags had filled our bins with all this stuff over the weekend so we couldn’t use them.

“Using rubber gloves we opened the bags to find out was in there – as we sifted through the bags we found some horrible stuff including dildos, some stuck together with black tape, used condoms a penis pump and underwear and bedding.

“We were gobsmacked – we thought it would be the usual kind of stuff dumped there but instead it was a lot of dirty sex toys that had been discarded.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Although he was disgusted by the lurid loot he decided to use it for a bit of fun by pranking his childhood friend.

He fixed the girthy sex toy to the back of Adam’s car using the suction cup.

Adrian said: “After finding all of this disgusting stuff we decided to have some fun and stuck it to his car while wearing rubbed gloves.

“He didn’t know about it and when he did he didn’t realise we had anything to do with it.

“We decided to follow him to see what happened.

“We knew the road was split at some point and we would end up next to him, we just pulled up next to him, beeped the horn and waved. He didn’t know anything about it.”

Adam only discovered the modification to his car when he pulled up at the wholesalers and spotted a laughing bystander taking a picture of his car.

Dad-of-two Adam, 34, said: “I didn’t have a clue it was stuck to the car, I was just carrying on about my day.

“I had one fella follow me to where I was going and I saw him taking photos of the car.

“He was crying laughing, it was only then I spotted it. At first I thought it was him who’d stuck it there.

“I didn’t realise Adrian was behind it until I saw something on social media.

“When I saw him while I was out driving I gave him a wave – he managed to keep a reasonably straight face.

“It was stuck on my car for about 20 minutes, when I realised what was going I thought it was hilarious but I wanted to get it off.

“I didn’t want to touch it as it looked like it had been in all manner of places so I kicked it off – with one swift kick it flew off.”

Adam has started to plot his revenge but isn’t sure what form it will take.

Adam said: “I don’t know if he wants to start a prank war but he’s certainly thrown down the gauntlet.

“If the chance does arise I will do it but I’m not about to buy a box of dildos in retaliation.