By Sophie Norris 

A ‘confident nudist’ was filmed on a ‘walk of pride’ striding down a street completely NAKED wearing only a watch and knocking on random doors at 7am on a Sunday morning.

Two friends caught the bizarre incident on camera in Barnstaple, North Devon, while on a morning drive for bacon but claim the sight put them off their cooked breakfasts.

The footage shows the middle-aged man walking brazenly down the road with nothing on as the pals drive past and ask him where his clothes are.

Tom Elliott and Jamie Cairns claim that the man proceeded to parade up and down the street five times, before going up to several houses and knocking on the doors – until police arrived.

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed a man was arrested on suspicion of exposure and disorderly conduct and fined with an out of court penalty notice.

Tom, 21, said: “He didn’t have a care in the world.

“He was literally walking up and down the road, pacing and knocking on different doors.

“It was a Sunday morning at seven o’clock. I wouldn’t want to know what he was doing at that time.

“We thought he must have been trying to publicise nudity or something – but why so early?

“He was so confident. It was literally as if he had all his clothes on.

“It wasn’t ‘the walk of shame’, it was more like a ‘walk of pride’.”

The engineer claims the man did not appear distressed in any way and that he and his friend thought he may have been a campaigner.

Tom said: “When we first saw him we just couldn’t believe it and gave him a bit of a stare as we drove past.

“Then we drove back around about three or four times to make sure we’d seen it right.

“I shouted ‘why have you got no clothes on?’ but he wouldn’t say a word to us.

“After quite a while and a few times driving past him, we asked if he was okay but he ignored us again.

“He was walking briskly down the main road, knocking on doors, standing there for ages then walking off.

“He would walk along a 300ft stretch each time, whilst stopping to knock on doors and then leave when no-one answered.

“He eventually stopped at one house and then the next thing we knew the police came.

“We were on our way to search for bacon after a night out. We never got it though after that.

According to Tom, after the image was posted on Facebook, several users claimed they weren’t surprised the unusual sight had been spotted in Barnstaple.

Barnstaple is just a 20-minute drive from Saunton Sands, where there is an unofficial nudist beach.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “A 55-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of exposure and for disorderly behaviour that would cause distress under the public order act.

“He was issued with an out of court penalty notice for disorder, following a medical assessment by mental health professionals.”