By Liam Bolland

A cycling enthusiast from the Caribbean has filmed himself doing amazing bike stunts.

AJ Henry, 16, from Saint Kitts, in the West Indies, performs incredible wheelies and and tricks on a daily basis.

The teenager often balances on one wheel while holding a laptop in one hand.

He uses gloves and his back arm to slow himself down while constantly practising more and more stunts.

AJ said: “I started doing stunts about four years ago and I cycle for hours every day.

“I travel around the area on my own and I have gloves to drag my hand on the ground.

“I’ve frequently fallen off my bike and hurt myself, but I love the thrill of different challenges.

“Once I was doing a wheelie and my brakes hooked out, and I injured myself quite badly, but the thrill of the danger makes performing new bike stunts more exciting.”