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Bilal Kuchay

In a miraculous incident, a newborn declared dead by the nursing staff of a government-run hospital in India was found alive by the family members right before the burial.

25-year-old Durgesh Rathore from Bundi, a district in the state of Rajasthan in western India, delivered a 24 weeks old premature baby, weighing about only 350 grams on Tuesday with the help of the nursing staff in the Pandit Brij Sundar Sharma General Hospital.

But the baby was handed over to the family members declaring dead after seeing her motionless.

When the family members were about to bury the baby, they felt her heartbeats and breathing and rushed her back to the hospital.

“We took the baby for burial after she was declared dead by the hospital authorities. Even the pit had been dug but then we felt her heartbeats and breathing and we rushed the baby back to the hospital,” said Mithas Rathore, father of the newborn.

Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital said that the baby was “extremely premature only with the lungs functioning and her survival is hardly possible.”

“The baby was motionless, with no cry or respiration and the on-duty nursing staff handed over the newborn to the family members declaring her dead.  The medical officer-on-duty examined the baby and said she is alive, after which she was kept on Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“We have set up enquiry into the matter and the guilty would be punished,” said Dr O P Verma, Deputy Superintendent at the hospital.

Calling it a miracle the parents are hopeful their child would fight back for her survival.

“The God has given her back to us. We are hopeful she will survive and we can take her home soon,” Rathore added.