By Charles Wade-Palmer

So much for bird brains! This plucky Pigeon has taken tips from a Squirrel to hang upside down for hard to reach snacks.

Amateur photographer, Geoff Padmore from Southwell in Nottinghamshire has watched the Pigeon he has called Fred develop his acrobatics in his garden for the last 18 months.

PIC FROM Caters News

Geoff has been blown away by his determined visitor who after seeing Blue Tits eat from a hard to reach feeder, copied a squirrel to hang upside down for the grub.

Geoff, who lives at the property with his wife, Kay, said: “I’ve never seen a pigeon learn a new skill unnatural to them- let alone copy another species to get what it wants.

“So much for the phrase pigeon-brain, Fred has proven he’s anything but stupid.

“About 18 months ago he started flapping about and only the last two or three months we noticed his perfect acrobatics.”

After over a year of flapped feathers in countless failed attempts to reach a low-hanging bird feeder, a pigeon has mastered hanging upside down to get his beak stuck in.

PIC FROM Caters News

Geoff said: “It would watch the Blue tits pinching peanuts and I could see him working out how to get some of his own.

“When it first tried to do this there was a lot of flapping and swinging from the branches.

“He must have mimicked a squirrel elsewhere in the garden going through the same motions for food he’s almost like a cross breed of the two now.

PIC FROM Caters News

“He did lots of hanging onto the string while knocking the peanuts on the floor but he gradually perfected this hanging upside down.

“He learnt how to do it himself he appears to be the only one who can hang there like that as no other birds seem to make the effort.”