car crash

By Kim Reader

This is the moment a reckless woman is struck by a car and sent somersaulting through the air after trying to dash across a busy road – despite being ‘two metres’ away from three pedestrian crossings.

The footage, captured by Craig Whittaker last week, shows a young woman emerge from behind a car into the middle of Lyndhurst Road in Burnley, Lancashire.

The woman appears to stop in the middle of the road when she spots a white Renault Captur coming round the corner but instead of waiting, decides to chance it and run in front of the car.

The pedestrian almost makes it but is clipped by the left-hand side of the car and is thrown into the air before landing in a heap on the pavement.

Cleaner Craig from Burnley, Lancs, believes the video from March 30 should act as a warning to other pedestrians who risk it when so close to a crossing.

Dad-of-two Craig, 41, said: “I didn’t see the woman getting out of the Picasso but as she emerged from behind it into the middle of the road she was obscured by another car.

“She was stood in the middle of the road and I have watched the video so many times, even in slow motion, and she definitely sees the car coming.

“But she saw it and obviously decided she thought she could make it because she tried to make a dash for it.

“She went up in the air quite a way, she was completely knocked off her feet and onto the pavement.

“When I saw her stop I thought ‘Oh my God, that was close’ but then she ran out in front of the car.

“I pulled over straight away wanting to make sure she was okay but before I could even get out she was up.

“Her mum came running over and there were quite a few expletives exchanged.

“I was just surprised she was back on her feet, she must have hit the ground pretty hard.

“She was really lucky to walk away from it.”

“Why she decided to cross there I just cannot understand, it’s a busy junction and she was literally two metres from one of the three pedestrian crossings.”

“The video should act as a warning to other pedestrians of the dangers. I’ve shown it to my two daughters.

“For the sake of saving the 60 seconds it takes to walk to the crossing and press a button that will get all the cars to stop for you, it is not worth it at all.”

Craig claimed that driver of the Captur couldn’t have stopped in time and was said to be ‘devastated’ by the incident.

After the collision another woman, who Craig believes to be the pedestrian’s mum, marched across the road to exchange words with the Renault driver before the pair are seen getting back in their vehicle and driving off.

The dad claims the women were argumentative with the driver until Craig mentioned the incident had been caught on camera, prompting suspicions of a pedestrian ‘cash for crash’ claim.

Craig said: “Watching the video you can see from the point where the driver couldn’t possibly see her to when she runs out is just 1.8 seconds.

“I don’t care how good a driver you are, there is no way you would be able to spot someone, react and stop in 1.8 seconds.

“The woman’s mum was shouting at him asking why he didn’t stop and he was asking why she ran out in front of him.

“I got out to let them know I had caught it on camera because I thought it would be helpful but as soon as I mentioned it, the woman and her mum got back in their car and drove off.

“It’s very suspicious and it did make me wonder whether it might have been a crash for cash situation. She definitely saw him coming – was she waiting for a car?

“I spoke to the man after and he was absolutely devastated. I mean, he’d just run someone over. He was so shaken up he could barely speak.

“Because they drove off, now that guy has to pay for the damage to his car – the force cracked his headlight.”