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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A travel madman has spent over 30k converting a typical white construction van into a mobile home for his global adventures – after quitting his job as a weather presenter.

Gil Gofer, 30, has been travelling for the past decade, after deciding to give up full-time work in pursue of his passion for travel.

Pic by Gil Gofer/Caters News

The photographer, originally from Israel, is now currently in Texas after travelling across Africa and India.

The idea to find a home on the road in a white van hit when he entered America, after deciding it meant he could travel indefinitely.

He now lives a minimalist life on his own and couldn’t be happier with his new home.

With no fixed address, Gil put his life on wheels, and set his sights on ‘becoming a citizen of the world.’

Gil said: “I’ve got over 7,000 miles under my belt and now, choose to drive everywhere in my van rather than catching flights.

“I’ve travelled through Africa and India, taking me all the way to America.

Pic by Gil Gofer/Caters News

“It doesn’t matter where I go, I have a space in this world that’s amazing to explore.

“It’s been over ten years now, and I’m not ready to go back.”

The mammoth distances and now his unusual home is part of Gil’s alternate living as a full-time nomad

He’s travelled for the past decade, embracing every culture he’s seen.

It’s no flash lifestyle but for Gil, it is the happiest he’s ever been.

Pic by Gil Gofer/Caters News

He said: “It looks like a van. That’s it.

“I can park, looking like I’m going to deliver a parcel and no-one need to know that this is my home.

“I’m not a tourist.

“My nature is not for routine and that’s why this started, and why it’s continued.

“My travelling is eye-opening and allows me to see countries in a way that’s different to how it’s depicted.

“I’ve been to Asia, America, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Mozambique to name a few places.

Pic by Gil Gofer/Caters News

“I’ve travelled with tribes, swam with sharks and I’m always looking for the next place.

“I sell my photographs so I can keep travelling the world, I’ve experienced so much already.”