By Josh Saunders

A writer has claimed her erotic novel is so raunchy it sent both of her sisters into labour early and could be the cure for overdue pregnant women.


Scarlett Brade, 25, from Chingford, London, was so shocked that the steamy scenes sent both siblings into early labour that she’s now considering putting a warning on the book cover.

Her romantic thriller, Money Green Memories, was released in 2015 and tells the story of a military black-ops soldier who saves the life of an heiress from Russian terrorists.

A raunchy scene where the main character loses her virginity, sent sister Anna-Karenina, 26, into labour a week early and was so powerful she gave birth in the hospital carpark in 2015.

The Brade family joked about the book’s mystical powers but never expected for history to repeat itself last year to Scarlett’s 31-year-old half-sister.


But four-months-ago, while reading a spanking scene, Kara who was 35-weeks pregnant realised her waters broke and gave birth.

Scarlett, who works in customer service, said: “It’s the weirdest experience of my entire life.

“It’s the most unusual thing that has ever happened to me, who knew words could be so powerful.

“Anna spontaneously went into labour after reading a steamy love-making scene between the two main characters and we had to make a mad dash to the hospital.

“From there it became a family joke that the book put my sister into labour, because she was one week before her due date.

“But it wasn’t until my other sister who was 35-weeks pregnant read it and her waters broke too that I realised the power of my book.

“The weird thing was that they were reading different chapters, Kara had further to go before giving birth and she was reading a chapter with a spanking scene.


“The book is erotic but it’s a thriller too, the context and raunchiness must have that effect on pregnant women to get the juices flowing.

“I always thought it was raunchy, I didn’t hold back and wanted it to seem real to the reader and for them to feel like they are there, in the moment in the scene.

“I think this book should come with a warning label for pregnant women or for anyone who is overdue I recommend it.”

Scarlett had to help deliver West, now one, in the back of a car when Anna-Karenina went into labour.

Anna-Karenina, a medical secretary, said: “For me it was the intensity of Maddison losing her virginity to Matthew that bought on my labour, it felt real and the words just made me feel their passion.


“One minute I was reading Money Green Memories wondering how my sister came up with this story, the next I was in the bathroom with Scarlett telling me she thinks my waters have broken.

“Money Green Memories brought on my labour and then did it again with my older sister I mean it’s just magical, and something we will share forever.

“I’ll forever be grateful to my little sister, not only did she write the words that brought on my labour, she delivered West in a hospital car park.”


The birth of Scarlett’s second nephew occurred a year later, after her half-sister, Kara, was reading a saucy scene last November.

Kara, a store manager, said: “The night I went into labour I was reading a spanking scene.

“It was really raunchy, but at the same time had an elegance about it, it was sexy, hot and powerful – definitely very exciting.

“I was terrified when my waters broke as it was a few weeks earlier than expected, my mum kept on saying the book has powers, but we laughed it off.

“I’m so grateful Scarlett wrote this book and we as sisters share such a tight bond that’s only been closer since the birth of my son Laselle.”

Since the birth-bringing phenomena, Scarlett’s been made ‘honorary godparent’ to nephews West and Laselle, one and four-months-old.


Another member of Scarlett’s family is now pregnant, but she maintains she won’t give her a copy until later-on.

Scarlett said: “As I had a special hand in bringing both of my nephews into the world, I have been made an honorary godmother.

“When they both are older, I will explain the story to them, but they will have to wait until they are 18, or maybe 21 for that matter.

“Currently, my cousin is pregnant and her mother is going to give her the book too, but only when it’s closer to her due date.”

Scarlett is releasing a sequel to Money Green Memories out in October, you can buy her book online here.