By Liam Bolland

Watch the adorable moment a boy argues with Siri after it can’t understand his commands.

Little Ayden Carey, four, from Hemet, California, unsuccessfully asked the voice recording system to show him fire trucks.

The young boy has grown a love of fire trucks due to his dad, Chris Carey, 32, being a firefighter in California.

Ayden’s mother, Rebeka, 34, recorded the moment and is still waiting for Siri to understand her son.

Rebeka said: “Ayden has been infatuated with firefighters, fire trucks, and everything to do with the fire department as his dad is a firefighter.

“He looks up to him great deal and he always talks about growing up to be a firefighter as well, which is why he started searching YouTube videos of fire trucks.

“He plays with my iPad and he’s been trying for ages to get Siri to understand him.


Rebeka added: “I can’t stop laughing when I see him getting so frustrated with Siri, she simply doesn’t understand what he is after.

“Hopefully in the near future he will be able to get Siri to do what he wants with his voice.”