Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

This hilarious footage shows a teenager with Tourette’s revealing a lighter side to her condition – as she accidentally covered her kitchen in raw egg while attempting to neatly crack them.

Ryleigh Hawkins, 18, a student at Timaru Girls High School in Timaru, New Zealand, has visible tics as a result of suffering from the syndrome.

Ryleigh, from Pleasant Point, Canterbury, filmed the video, which shows her accidentally throwing the eggs at her mum’s brand new kitchen cabinets due to her twitches, in October.

Pic from Brennan Hawkins/Caters News

She said: “All my friends found it hilarious and wanted me to do more – I definitely will.

“I deal with my Tourette’s by focusing on the funny and positive side of it and also sharing my experiences with others.

“I was laughing so hard and also hoping Mum wouldn’t rage as I threw eggs at her new cabinets.

Pic from Brennan Hawkins/Caters News

“It was so funny and great to make and also great fun to plan. It went great.

“But for next time I should do it outside.”